Make Payment
Step 1

Make Payment

  1. Client must select his required Digital Signature certificate or get in touch with our sales associate mentioning the purpose for which digital signature certificate is required.
  2. On identifying the class type, user type and certificate type, customer should initiate online payment with our payment partner ICICI Bank Ltd.

Upload Document
Step 2

Upload Document

  1. On successful payment, customer shall receive his secure login credentials to upload documents.
  2. Customer must upload requisite documents as per document checklist link provided. Incase of Physical form customer has to courier requisite documents in original.

Mobile & Email Verification
Step 3

Mobile & Email Verification

  1. Mobile and Email provided by client should be unique.
  2. Mobile shall be verified using an OTP by our certifying authority Capricorn Identity Services Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Email shall be verified by providing an Email verification link.

Video Upload
Step 4

Video Upload

On successful verification of Mobile & email, user shall be sent a Video Verification link, According to the guidelines of CCA apart from the physical verification of documents physical verification of the DSC applicant is also required. However, CCA allows an interactive video recording session with the applicant for the applicant’s convenience. In the guidelines, it is specified that a CA should make provision for a tamper proof video capture facility in CA application which should not be less than 20 seconds. CA should verify the same prior to the issuance of DSC to applicant.

Once you get the link ((something like[email protected]@%&$#@@[email protected]@@@@@gar$$$$rxyWetcEtc ) follow the procedure mentioned below to start the recording:

1. Open the link by double-clicking on it.

2.When the page is open you will find instructions followed by a prompt message on the top of a small blank window where your video will appear.

3.A Record Video Button is at the bottom of the video window. Click it to start recording.

4.A pop-up window will appear on the screen, click “allow” to grant necessary permission to Capricorn CA for using recording devices.

5.At the countdown read the prompt message clearly in the microphone.

6.Video recording will stop after 20-25 seconds and the video will be uploaded.

7.For further proceeding, inform us after the video recording.