ESARWA Business Program

(Become a Digital Signature Reseller)


A channel program designed for YOU and YOUR future.

Our comprehensive Business Program helps YOUR company grow with us by adopting technologically advanced solutions and by offering value for money product & services to your clients.

This program is designed to help your company create multi-level marketing channels thus helping your company target diverse audience with our complete stack of solutions and services.

We offer DSC Business Program primarily targeting companies who are engaged in selling Digital Signature Certificate. 


DSC Channel Program

Our DSC Channel Program offers several advantages over traditional and competitive DSC programs in the Industry.

There is something for every company and we have various level of relationships within the program.


  1. Associate DSC Program is designed for small companies who are engaged with DSC for their limited clients with minimal investment.
  2. Reseller DSC Program is designed companies who control some associates and are confined to their cities.


We as a company are committed to help your company succeed and are offering a host of un-paralleled features in our program to help your company improve your bottom line and top line by offering customized pricing.


Salient Features Of The DSC Channel Program

  • There are NO Stocks to buy, so you are never stuck with wrong stock of product licenses.
  • Transparent pricing, ALL our partners HAVE SAME pricing, and there is no difference of pricing between partners, no matter whatever volume they bring on table.
  • Our unique INCENTIVE Program helps your company outgrow competition. It is the foundation of our program to help you succeed.
  • Our SINGLE DASHBOARD concept will help your company manage complete lifecycle ofyour client, helping you win every deal.
  • We offer TRAINNING not only to you but also to your channels under your company, so you could continue selling and we continue training them to get your company more sales.
  • Priority Support - connect is the key and you could connect to us through email to telegram, because we know that one minute delay can cause so much trouble.



We know time is of essence in today's world, so why not call our Connect Manager at 022- 49692444 and they will ensure that you are connected to right Business Manager in our organization who would help your company on-board to one of our programs. You can also write to us at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible (our offices is open from 09:30 to 19:00 on Monday through Saturday) and off course !! you can always use our webform to get in touch with our company. Click here to Contact Us page.